Get The Best Brows Ever!

Have you heard the expression that our eyes are the windows to our soul? If we say that it’s true then our eyebrows are like the shiny show curtains that present our wonderful eyes. Eyebrows can be enhanced by microblading Leicester or apply makeup techniques.

Our eyebrows are an important feature and can make a lot of difference in how your face is viewed by others. With this said, it is important to not neglect them and to give them the loving care and attention they deserve. 

Do this right and you can make a very positive impact in terms of how your entire face looks.

As makeup artists, we wanted to provide you with some top tips and tricks to creating and keeping a beautiful pair of elegant lashes.

Brow Products and Motion Techniques 

Many of the tricks professional makeup artists use come down to the techniques that they use in applying makeup. Eyelashes are no different. When you perform your daily makeup routine and to apply powder or pencil to your brows, do not use one single stroke when applying. Be sure to apply short flicking movements but do so in the direction that your brow hair grows.

Focus on the Tail of Your Brow

This is one of the most important parts of the brow. If you try and increase the width of your brow and extend it slightly downwards, you may create a dropped or droopy face effect. People may think that you are sad just because your brows have been overextended like this. If you look closely at your brows you will notice that they naturally stop as to give the appearance that your face is lifted up and out. This is a look you want to maintain.

Here’s a simple trick you can use to figure out exactly where your brow naturally ends. Take a small rod or pencil, place one end by your nostril, angle it diagonally so the other end lines up with the other side of your eye. Exactly where the pencil touches the bone of your brow is where your brow can be extended to without achieving that droopy face look. Another reason to not extend your brows too far is that it can also look a little fake.

Create a Natural Looking Arch

We’ve seen many ladies try to create an unnatural brow arch. Get this wrong and you’ll look constantly in a state of surprise and shock! But, if you don’t naturally have a high brow arch, you can create a subtly better one. In order to find the natural arch point of your brows, simply take a rod or pencil with one end lined up to your nostril and the other end lined up with the middle of your eye. Where the pencil passes over your brow is exactly where the high point should be.

Take your special brow brush and brush your brow hairs in a downward direction. You can then create a small peak right on your brows high point that you figured out earlier using your brow pencil to alter your brow shape. Use a soft touch when doing this.

To finish off, take your special brow brush and brush your hairs back to their normal position and direction.

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