Hacking Your Way To Perfect Eyelashes: Permanent Makeup Secrets

I believe that there is one truth I can be sure of and that is that most women want a dazzling set of eyebrows. Most girls and women will go to great lengths to get a better look and that includes looking for the best microblading Leicester salon.

No need to go through the expensive implant route to get an amazing look. Most of the tools you need for greater volume, curl and length are already in your makeup bag! Our team will give advice based on many years of eyebrow tattooing treatments so you can enjoy professional-looking brows!

Additional Eyebrow Fullness Using Eyeshadow

There are many different tips and techniques out there in Internet land. Some of which are great and some quite frankly can cause more problems than they’re worth.

One such tip recommends that you use talcum powder and use it with layers of mascara for a fuller look. Innovative idea but when wearing dark mascara you can still see the white remnants of the white talc.

The best thing to do is to use a matte powder eye shadow that’s as close to the shade of your mascara. Use this in between your coats of mascara.

Don’t Forget to Mix Your Colours

Did you know that your eyelashes are not all the same colour? From start to finish there is a gradient. Just coating your eyelashes in just black is not really going to give you the best look. Ideally, you want to add two layers of two different colours.

Start with the root of your lashes and apply with a layer of black. Brush as close to the lash line as you can. Then apply a coat of brown mascara on top and brush out to the tips. This is a great way to amplify your lashes volume!

Warm-up Your Eyelash Curler!

There is no need to heat up your entire eyelash curler with whatever means you usually use. Just get a glass of warm to hot water and leave your eyelash curler in there for around 10 seconds.

Then wipe it dry and then you are ready to use it. Using hot water in this way allows your eyelash curler to heat evenly so you don’t burn yourself using other means.

Do It In The Right Order

I am always surprised when I find out that a client that comes to use can never get the lash look they’re after. Upon questioning them, I usually find out that they do their lash makeup in the wrong order.

Do not, I repeat do not put on mascara before you attempt to curl your lashes. This can cause your eyelashes to break off. There is however one thing that you do want to apply before curling and that is to apply primer.

Primer has a completely different texture than mascara. The primer will not stick to the pads of your eyelash curler. If you opt to use a primer before curling then there is no need to heat up your eyebrow curler.

Use Eye Makeup Remover

It’s easy for your eye mascara to sometimes dry up. If you do experience that then there is a little trick that you can apply. Take your eye makeup remover and apply 1 to 3 drops of it to your eye mascara tube or bottle.

This will help it to become more pliable and will make it a lot easier to apply your mascara. You want to make sure your makeup is alcohol-based and not oil-based. If you use an oil-based cleaner then you will be left with greasy lashes.

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