The Makeup Tips I Wish I Would Have Known – Beauty Secrets Revealed

As someone that works in the beauty industry, I feel that I have a good understanding as well as extensive knowledge of beauty treatments etc.

But, I have to hold my head down in shame and admit that when it comes to applying makeup, especially on myself that my knowledge of application comes into question! This is why I stick to microblading Leicester offers as that is where my expertise lies!

As a busy woman, my approach to makeup has to very minimal. I just do not have the time to spend putting makeup on in the mornings when I need to get out early and open the clinic.

Therefore I like a simple, flushed look that gives my skin a good enough glow. I do admire the woman that is really clever with their makeup and their look but it is not really for me.

The truth of the matter is time. I don’t have the time to sit and learn more about makeup application. I know that many of you might find this strange. Especially working in the beauty industry.

Then came the lockdown. My clinic had to close and I found that I had more time on my hands. I needed to do something other than cleaning and organising my home. So I took the time to sit down and learn more about the application of makeup.

I spent a long time searching and consuming makeup tutorials, reading posts on various blogs. Once I had a few pieces of advice or specific makeup tricks, I sat in front of the mirror and began my learning.

I will share with you today, some of my favourite tips and advice.

One of the first things that I learnt is to first understand the shape of your face. This will help you to choose makeup advice that is more tailored to you. The shape of my face is long and oval.

Contouring is the process used to give a feature some enhancement. It is not really used to drastically change the appearance of something. Contouring is ideal for use on parts of the face where shadows fall.

Put a flat brush into your matte bronzer, then press the powder onto the brush using some tissue. You will want to use a stippling movement. Using the technique ensures that you have better control over the amount of powder on your brush.

As you look squarely into the mirror, locate your ear hole. For most women, it will appear to be just below the line of your cheekbones. Locating this position will give you a good idea of where your contouring should start. Apply your matte bronzer from your ear hole down towards your nose

If your face is of the heart or roundish shape, be sure to use contouring on just the temple and the far corners of the forehead. Square face types will require the entire forehead to be contoured.

Ensure there is minimal bronzer on the brush when it comes to the nose. Use multiple layers to lightly build it up. Start where your eyebrows start using a downward motion and cover the outside of your nose. What you don’t want is to create a thick highlighting of bronzer down the middle of your nose!

Whenever I’ve tried contouring, I look like I need a good wash! 

These tips helped me, I hope they help you too!

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