What is Acne and What Can You Do it Get Rid of It?

This is a skin condition that many people of many different ages can suffer from. In this post, our microblading Leicester city centre team will give you some suggestions and tips to help treat this skin condition.

Ace can make your skin swell and puff. Its appearance consists of white and blackheads, red blemishes and spots.

Acne consists of increased oil secretions, swelling and skin peeling. 

In order to successfully treat this condition, we will want to reduce the amount of oil the body pushes through the pores of the skin whilst at the same time increase skin cell growth and tackle the bacteria side of things. Any swelling or puffiness of the skin can lead to skin scarring so this is something we need to control.

Acne, like many skin conditions, is something that needs addressing internally and also externally. Therefore we will be suggesting the application of skin products and antibiotics. After that, we will look at applying hormonal treatments such as isotretinoin and maybe the birth control pill.

As with any skin condition like this, we’d advise you to arrange an appointment with your Doctor or even a dermatologist. 

Only then can we suggest some topical applications that can help support you.

We shall show you the ingredients you need to be looking out for that will give you the best skin results.

Please do not rush in like most do and purchase and apply the strongest skin cleanser you can find. These strong cleaners can cause the skin to produce even more oil which will end up compounding the problem.

Here are the ingredients to look out for:

Benzoyl Peroxide 

This is very effective at reducing skin oil and it also stops bacteria from growing within the pores of the skin. This, in turn, reduces white and blackheads as well as spots. Do not expect a quick fix, this solution can take up to 30 days to start to work so that you can see results. Apply and build up its use slowly as it can cause your skin to become irritated.


One of the most effective solutions for its anti-swelling and anti-bacterial makeup is sulphur. It can treat a myriad of different skin conditions.

It will stop the majority of bacterial growth and will also absorb excess skin oil. Again, as we mentioned above, do not overuse this product as it is possible to actually damage your skin.

This product is also great for the removal of dead skin and it is a safe and natural mineral found in hot spring water and volcanic ash. This mineral will also help treat other skin conditions such as rosacea by eliminating excess inflammation.


If you are looking for something to hydrate your skin and firm it up then niacinamide will get the job done. This is great for taking the edge off of any pain you feel from acne, can also reduce swelling of the skin.

It also promotes the growth of a protective barrier within the skin. Niacinamides other benefits include the prevention of excess water loss from your skin and can also help improve skin pigmentation.

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